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Chairman Greetings


Rokkasho Village, the Village of Energy, is promoting community development with the goal of becoming an gInternational Science and Technology City.h This will be accomplished through nuclear fuel cycle projects which are the cornerstone of Japanfs energy policy, through establishing wind power generation facilities that attract attention as renewable energy forms, and by actively soliciting radiation-related research facilities.

The Cultural Exchange Plaza gSWANYh functions as a place of international exchange for those such as new residents and visiting foreign engineers. As an international conference hall it is essential for establishing nuclear energy and other related research facilities. It also functions as a center for the cultural activities of local residents, cultural exchange and human resource development. Therefore SWANY was built and is now operated as an important center of cultural promotion in Rokkasho Village.

The Great Hall was built with much consideration for the acoustics and is on par with dedicated concert halls. Many celebrities who have used the Great Hall for their concerts rave about the sound quality.

SWANY is a facility that was built with the diverse needs of its users in mind. The large conference room with its chandeliers and European-style carpets is in high demand for wedding receptions and various parties and it can accommodate about 500 people. There is a Japanese-style room with a space of 60 tatami mats (136.3 m2) that can also function as a tea room, as well as small conference rooms which are available for meetings and various classes. Moreover, the attached library holds about 55,000 books and is growing continuously.

The Cultural Exchange Plaza gSWANYh is managed and operated with the continual understanding that the usersf convenience comes first. We hope that many people will use this facility as the cultural center of 21st century Rokkasho Village.

Culture Promotion Corporation
Susumu Hashimoto
iROKKASHO vice-village mayorsj

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