Information Guide

1. Applications

(1) Applications for the Great hall, wedding hall and wedding reception rooms are accepted one year to 30 days     before the day of use. Applications for other facilities such as conference rooms are accepted from 7 months to    6 days before the day of use.

(2) Send applications to Rokkasho Village Cultural Exchange Plaza / Rokkasho Village Culture Promotion          Corporation.

(3)Application reception time 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (except Holidays)

(4)Please apply at the reception counter. Although tentative applications can be made by telephone, a formal       document must be submitted. Please submit an application sheet within a week from the phone call.

2. Rental Times

(1) 使用時間

Morning Afternoon Night All Day
From 9:00a.m.
to12:00 p.m
From 1:00p.m.
to 5:00 p.m
From 6:00p.m.
to 22:00 p.m
From 9:00a.m.
to 22:00 p.m


(2)Rental times include time for preparation and clean-up.

(3)Use of facilities for events not described above will result in an extra charge.

3. Holidays

(1) Every Monday (when Monday is a national holiday, the following day)

(2) December 28 through January 4

(3) Extra holidays will be taken for inspection and maintenance.

4. Payments and Refunds

(1) Refer to the "Price List" concerning charges for the facilities such as the Great Hall and attached rooms.

(2) Payment should be made to the Plaza or to a designated financial institution on the day your application is       accepted.Scheduled use may be canceled if no payment is made within the specified time limit (seven days).

(3) Paymaent is required for the use of personal equipment by the end of your scheduled time according to actual    use.

(4) Refunds are only given under special circcumstances.

5. Prior Consultation

(1) Consult Plaza employees about the stage, sound effects, lighting and the schedule in advance for events to flow    smoothly.

(2) Users must appoint people responsible for the events and people for reception, guidance, the parking area,      stage, acoustic effects, lighting and other necessary jobs. Users need to provide guards in the hall if the need     arises. Please consult Plaza employees and report the schedule of events in advance.

(3) Users must dispose of garbage clunch packages,etc on the event day according to the Plaza employees'        guidance.


6. On the Event day

(1) Submit the reservation letter to Plaza employees on the event day.
   In case notice needs to be given to government or public offices concerned, please submit a copy to Plaza       employees in advance.

(2) Follow the instructions of the Plaza employees when operating the stage and equipment.

(3) Keep the Plaza office informed of the person-in-charge's whereabouts.

(4) Stage settings, etc. must be brought in on the event day.
The Plaza will not store them.

(5) To prevent accidents, do not exceed seating capacity. Standing room in the Great Hall or the use of spare chairs are not allowed according to Fire Department instructions.

(6) No eating, drinking or smoking is allowed in the Great Hall. Please make an announcement before the performance to inform the audience of this prohibition.

(7) Users must provide personal expendable office supplies (such as paper,
pens, cellophane tape and tape for packing).

(8) Tea cups are available in the hot water supply room. Users should provide their own tea ,etc.

(9) In case of rain, vinyl bags for umbrellas should be provided by the users.

(10) Please inform Plaza employees if the event will not finish on time.

(11) After events, be sure to return used equipment and put out all fire. Plaza employees will check later.
    Users should dispose of garbage on that day.

7. Piano Tuning

(1) Those who desire to have the piano tuned should request the Plaza to do so.
   The Plaza appoints tuners.

(2) Tuning fees shall be born by the promoters (users).


8. Restrictions on Use

Users are not allowed to use the Plaza in the following cases.
(1) In cases where users are likely to disturb public order or decent etiquette.

(2) In cases where users are likely to damage the building or attached equipment.

(3) In cases where there is any hindrance to the Plaza's management.

9. Cancellation,etc.of Reservation by the Plaza

Reservation is canceled, or the use of facilities is restricted or suspended in the following cases.

(1) In cases where users fall under the above "8. Restrictions on Use."

(2) In cases where users receive permission by fraudulent means.

(3) Prohibition of the transfer, of rights,etc Use in an unallowed purpose,and transfer or sublease of rights to a third party is prohibited.

(4) In cases where users disturb Plaza's management.

10. Restriction of Admission

The following people may be refused entrance to the Plaza or ordered away.

(1) Intoxicated persons or infants under six years of age without an adult.

(2) Physically abusive people or those with animals or troublesome articles.

(3) People deemed to disturb Plaza's management.


11. Other Matters

In the following cases, permission should be obtained. Please apply for permission to the Plaza employees in advance.
(1) When using pasting paper, etc.

(2)When selling any articles (including programs and CDs, etc.).

(3) In cases where under-age people will use the facilities (an adult must send in the application and attend the whole event).

(4) When using the drop curtains.

12. Notifying Related Public Offices

Take necessary procedures to notify the government and public offices concerned in advance as the need arises.

【Fire Department】
In case of using fire (cigarettes, smoke, candles, smoke machine, etc.)
Open fire

Application for approval of carrying in dangerous articles.

『Rokkasho FireDepartment』536 Nozuki, Obuchi, Rokkasho-mura, Kamikita-gun 039-3212 TEL:0175-72-2301

【Police Station】

『Noheji Police Station』 1-1 Shinmachiura, Noheji, Noheji-machi, Kamikita-gun 039-3131 TEL.0175-64-2121